Cat Litter

Cat Litter

Quick-Paw cat litter is ideal for sprinkling for demanding cat hygiene. This naturally obtained litter with no added bleaches or dyes contributes to the maximum cleanliness of a small cat’s toilet, and is also safe for drains, and unclean litter can be safely poured into the toilet bowl. Quick-paw litter for cats has the power to absorb large amounts of liquid, and to form small solid lumps in which the liquid is trapped. Precisely for the reason that only those small lumps have to be replaced, Quick-paw litter for cats is extremely economical, and the addition of soda further increases its antibacterial effect.


Cat litter made from natural organic raw materials without bleach or dye. Anti-bacterial effects with reliable absorption of unpleasant odors.


– Fill up to a height of approx. 5 cm
– Remove lumps and solid feces daily
– Top up with fresh sprinkle after cleaning
– Replace with a new sprinkle every 3 days or as needed,
– 100% safe for the drain


3 kg, 5 kg