Agrinatura at the pet food fair in Nürnberg-Interzoo

Every year, the pet food industry gathers at one of the most prestigious events in Europe – the Pet Food Fair in Nuremberg-Interzoo.

This fair, held in May, represents the pinnacle of innovation, trends, and the latest achievements in the industry. This year, Agrinatura proudly announces its participation in this important event.

Agrinatura, the leading manufacturer of dry food for dogs and cats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is pleased to announce its participation in the Pet Food Fair in Nuremberg.

As the only manufacturer of this type of food in the country, Agrinatura brings its unique products and expertise to the international stage, presenting top-quality food that will enhance the health and happiness of your pets.

Innovative Products: Our mission is to create products that enhance the health and well-being of dogs and cats, using only the highest quality ingredients. At the Nuremberg Fair, Agrinatura will showcase its range of innovative products, including protein-rich food, grain-free options, with added essential vitamins and minerals.

Our products are carefully formulated to support digestive health, the immune system, and the shiny coat of your pets.

Sustainability and Quality: As part of our commitment to sustainable development, Agrinatura takes pride in its carefully selected network of suppliers and production processes that minimize environmental impact.

At the fair, we will present our efforts to preserve nature and support local communities through our production. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every step of the production process, ensuring that your pets receive only the best.

Connecting with the Industry: The Nuremberg Fair gives us the opportunity to connect with other leaders in the pet food industry, exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices. Through these interactions, we build bridges and create partnerships that will help us continue to grow and innovate in our mission to improve the health and happiness of pets worldwide.

We Invite You to Visit Our Booth: Agrinatura warmly invites all visitors to the Pet Food Fair in Nuremberg to visit our booth.

There, you will have the opportunity to meet our team of experts, explore our product offerings, and learn more about our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the well-being of your pets. Together Towards a Healthier and Happier Life for Your Pets: Agrinatura is proud to participate in the Pet Food Fair in Nuremberg, sharing our passion and expertise with all animal lovers.

Our goal is simple – to create a healthier and happier life for all pets, and our commitment to this goal continues through every product we create.

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